While it’s still six months away, a change is coming to the Shenandoah County Fair’s ticket prices.

The county fair’s board of directors has announced that online tickets for gate admission for adults at the fair will be $5, down a dollar from last year. The tickets will also be offered as a part of a three-day pass, which will be $15. Tickets can be printed out or scanned on a cell phone at the fair gate, according to a news release.

Shenandoah County Fair General Manager Tom Eshelman stated the change is coming as more people are purchasing tickets online.

“More and more folks are embracing e-commerce and taking these steps will encourage our customers to take advantage of saving a few bucks and enjoying quicker and smoother entry onto our grounds,” he noted in the release.

Eshelman added that 91 percent of the concert tickets and 38 percent of all motorsports tickets are purchased online.

“We hope to grow the participation in motorsports pre-purchase tickets,” he said on Monday. “Those nights are particularly times when we experience long lines at our gates.”

With the change in the online price, those who purchase tickets at the gate during the fair will have to pay a dollar more than last year.

Tom Truban, a member of the Shenandoah County Fair Board Committee, stated in the release that gate admissions tickets purchased the day of the fair will increase from $6 to $7.

“One of our goals is to shorten lines at the entrance gates and handle less money, Truban stated. “Electronic tickets will help accomplish this by enticing customers to purchase online to save the $2 before you even get to the fair.”

One ticket option that won’t change is the gate admission for night entry, which will still be $6. Tickets for live performances and motorsports are not included with this option.

“It is an add-on so that while you are buying a ticket to an event you can go ahead and buy a ticket to the fair as well and pay $6 instead of arriving the night of he show and paying $7,” Eshelman said.

The discounted three-day ticket and $6 single day ticket will be available for purchase until Aug. 25. Tickets for the fair go on sale March 1.

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