Mark Johnston

Shenandoah County Public Schools anticipate that for the second year in a row, all of its schools will be fully accredited based on Standards of Learning scores released Tuesday by the state.

Raw data indicate the following results compared to results in 2017-2018:

• English — Reading: 67% passed, the same as the prior year.

• English — Writing: 65% passed, down from 70%.

• History and social science: 75% passed, down from 80%.

• Math: 76% passed, up from 69%.

• Science: 77% passed, the same as the prior year.

Superintendent Mark Johnston explained the results are raw data and that official numbers released in September could change based on several factors that are not considered in the initial data. He said he is not dismissing the raw data but what is more important to him are the official scores and accreditation results.

“That is what we are judged on. That is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak,” Johnston said.

He is concerned about the writing scores.

“We are working on improving those,” he said.

In a news release, the division pointed out some highlights from the results:

• All three county high schools exceeded the state benchmark in English, math and science.

• The county’s schools continue to maintain above a 96% on-time graduation rate.

• All three middle schools exceeded the state benchmark in math and science.

According to the Virginia Department of Education, results on an overall state level were mixed:

• 78% of students taking reading tests passed, compared with 79% during the 2017-2018 school year.

• 76% passed in English writing, compared with 78% in the prior year.

• 82% passed new mathematics tests introduced during 2018-2019, compared with 77% on the previous tests in 2017-2018.

• 81% passed in science, which was unchanged from the previous year.

• 80% of students tested in history/social sciences passed, compared with 84% in 2017-2018.

This is the second year that the accreditation of all Virginia divisions has been based on the 2017 standards of accreditation. In part, these accreditation standards measure:

• Overall achievement in English, math and science.

• Student growth in reading and math as students strive toward proficiency.

• Achievement gaps among student groups within schools in English and math.

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Correction: The online version of this story posted Tuesday night contained inaccurate numbers for the 2017-2018 SOL results. The story has been updated with the correct numbers.

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