FRONT ROYAL – Gunfire is now prohibited in Shenandoah Farms as the Board of Supervisors at its regular Tuesday meeting unanimously approved a shooting ban in the subdivision.

The ban was requested by the subdivision’s property owners association due to concerns that guns are being fired in the vicinity of houses. Six subdivision residents spoke in favor of the ban during a supervisors’ public hearing while no one with opposing sentiments spoke.

Ralph Rinaldi, Shenandoah Farms property owners association chairman, said during the public hearing that he has not spoken to any subdivision resident who opposes the ban and the property owners board unanimously supported it.

He added that the request for a shooting ban “has nothing to do with the Second Amendment” but with the “safety of residents.”

Subdivision resident Larry Cox, who said he is an avid hunter, shooter and NRA member, noted that he has had to replace roof shingles containing bullet holes and there were between seven and 10 bullets in his pool after New Year’s Eve.

He added that the issue seems to stem from “shooting ranges in peoples’ backyards.”

Resident Nancy Winn said sometimes when she is in her backyard she has wondered “if I needed to duck for cover” and that subdivision residents need to realize “we are not in the country.”

Resident Joe Longo said he has lived in Shenandoah Farms for 25 years, during which time the number of homes has increased from 500 to over 1,000. He said the homes are on small lots and it “makes no sense for people to be shooting.”

Supervisors Chairman Dan Murray said he respects the Shenandoah Farms’ property owners board decision to respect safety. He noted that the lowest caliber of bullets can have a deadly range of over a mile and people must treat weapons with respect and handle them responsibly.

Supervisor Tom Sayre recalled that while he was campaigning and “going door to door,” Shenandoah Farms residents warned him that “I was going to get shot.”

Supervisor Tony Carter noted that part of Shenandoah Farms is in Clarke County and perhaps the property owners association should approach the Clarke County government to ban shooting in the entire subdivision.

Shenandoah Farms is now the 11th subdivision in which shooting is banned, joining Skyland Estates, Shenandoah Shores, Aspen Hills Farms, Lake Front Royal, Blue Mountain, Apple Mountain Lake South, High Knob, Stonewall Estates, Cedarville Heights and Bowling View.

County Administrator Doug Stanley said signs explaining the ban will be erected at the property owner’s board cost. He also said that the ban will mostly be enforced by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

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