The Shenandoah County School Board will hold a special meeting Wednesday to finalize a survey about the renaming of two schools because they were named after Confederate generals.

The survey will seek to find out if residents thinking Mountain View High School and Honey Run Elementary School should return to their previous names of Stonewall Jackson High School and Ashby Lee Elementary School.

The School Board voted to change the names in 2020, but new School Board members have since been elected and many residents want to revisit the renaming.

Many residents shared their feelings on the names during a recent School Board meeting’s public comment period, which lasted just over two hours. Later in that meeting, the board discussed the school names restoration and agreed to revisit the issue.

The School Board approved allowing citizens to take a survey on whether the old names should be restored. Survey results will be a measurement for the board to view citizen opinion. The results, however, will not be the lone factor of what happens to the school names. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the School Board.

Board members discussed the idea of the survey being limited to parents, students, faculty, and alumni associated with Mountain View and Honey Run.

The School Board will discuss the format and other aspects of the survey at its 4 p.m. Wednesday meeting at the government center.

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Linda Allen

All Shenandoah County taxpayers fund these schools, and all taxpayers should have a say as to whether we regress to promoting the leaders of a 160-years-ago losing insurrection against the United States, or keep our beautiful names based on our beautiful County.


Why? All Shen Co taxpayers do not vote on all the School Board or BoS members.


Please include details of how the change will be funded along with the survey. A simple yes or no is all that matters. Don't be tricked into including a third option which in fact is no option at all. If you are going to do a survey, go with the majority.

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