STEPHENS CITY — Town Council will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. Dec. 7 to see if residents want the town government to pursue a study about truck traffic issues on Comer Drive.

“So [we’ve received] a couple of calls of concern from residents on Comer Drive about the size of the vehicles that are coming into Comer and potential turn radius issues,” Town Manager Mike Majher said at Tuesday’s council meeting. “So I’ve had a number of people request that we restrict truck traffic [on Comer Drive].”

Comer Drive is a side street located off Main Street (U.S. 11) and Stephens Court.

If enough concerned is expressed at the hearing, Majher said town officials would contact the Virginia Department of Transportation to pursue a traffic data study. VDOT would then recommend if the town should suspend truck traffic on Comer Drive.

Also at the meeting, Majher said the town has set up a camera to monitor traffic at the busy Main Street/Fairfax Street intersection. The video will be livestreamed on the town’s website to let drivers know when backups occur. The camera will also help the town collect data to show the need for road improvement projects. Traffic congestion is an ongoing problem in the town, specially during rush hour.

Majher added that the Winchester-Frederick Metropolitan Planning Organization Board is seeking input from area residents on transportation needs as it develops its 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan. The plan has proposed strategies to address Winchester and Frederick County roadways within the next 20 years.

Majher encourages town residents to go online and give feedback to the MPO. In particular, he said residents should alert the MPO about traffic needs in Stephens City and provide suggestions on how to improve them. Residents can submit feedback to the MPO at

Attending the meeting at the Town Office at 1033 Locust St. were Mayor Mike Diaz and council members Regina Swygert-Smith, Pete Fravel, Linden Fravel and Tina Stevens.

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