A local GOP leader is under fire for using derogatory language in a post about the vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

After sharing at least two stories that link Harris to former California politician Willie Brown, John Massoud posted a picture of Harris that was captioned with a crude remark suggestive of her relationship with Brown.

Massoud, who serves on the Strasburg Town Council and as the chairman of the 6th Congressional District GOP, deleted the meme from his timeline but several users took screenshots before it was removed. Massoud posted the meme using his official 6th District Chairman Facebook account, not his personal one.

Shenandoah County Democrats blasted Massoud on their Twitter account on Thursday evening, saying they were “disgusted” Massoud shared the meme.

“Sexist, racist, misogynist…” they wrote, “just like Trump.”

The Democrats also tagged Ben Cline, the GOP Congressman representing Virginia’s 6th District, saying they hoped he disapproved of Massoud’s conduct, too. The Democrats called on Massoud to resign immediately.

In an email to Republicans obtained by the Northern Virginia Daily, Massoud wrote that people should expect to see stories about him from the “liberal media” about him and the Facebook post.

“Virtue signalers in the Democratic party have taken to calling me a sexist and a racist because I referred to Senator Harris using politically incorrect language,” he wrote. “The fact of the matter is that the affair that Ms. Harris had with the former Speaker of the California Assembly has been common knowledge for decades and that Ms. Harris advanced her career and received high paying jobs because of her affair with Speaker Willie Brown.”

“While reasonable people can discuss the colorful language used – facts are facts,” he continued. “And part of the reason I'm taking flak because the Democrats know that Senator Harris is vulnerable on this issue.”

Massoud did not respond to requests for comment.

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