Michelle Bixler

STRASBURG – The Town Council has agreed to allow the sale of alcohol during town events.

In Monday’s work session, Michelle Bixler, the town’s economic development and marketing manager, gave a brief presentation on the regulations from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority regarding alcohol sales at events. Through regulations from the ABC, she said, anyone permitted to sell alcohol at town events would have to have a “responsible person” overseeing the alcohol sales from the beginning of the event until the end.

The alcohol regulations come with a number of other restrictions, like a requirement that beer gardens have to be fully enclosed. Because of those regulations from the ABC, Bixler said, the Town Council did not need to implement any additional measures restricting the sale of alcohol at town events.

“I don’t know if there needs to be any further action on this,” Bixler said. “There are currently ABC regulations that we’ve talked about here, that really define exactly how we are allowed — how anyone is allowed — to deal with alcohol in events.”

However, she said, the town is considering requiring that potential permit holders attend an educational session.

Monday’s discussion comes months after the Town Council temporarily allowed for the sale of alcohol at a small number of events while town staff came up with a policy about alcohol sales at the events. At that meeting, the Town Council requested that Bixler come back to it to discuss the sales, sparking Monday’s discussion.

In a phone interview on Tuesday, Bixler said that she was not sure how many alcohol sales events the town plans on having, though she did say that the sales would only occur at a portion of the town’s events — “where it makes sense.”

For instance, she pointed to a set of musical events on Friday evenings in the summer called Front Porch Fridays.

“At those events, we anticipate partnering with an organization or business to have alcohol available,” she said.

With Town Council’s support on Monday, Bixler said the town can begin seeking partners to sell alcohol at those events.

“We’ve been waiting to see what direction council wanted to go,” she said. “So at this point now, we can proceed with finding the appropriate partners.”

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