STRASBURG – Six Strasburg homes will be on display during the 2019 Strasburg Holiday Heritage Homes Tour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Presented by the Strasburg Heritage Association, locations on the tour include the Sonnor House and the Hopewell House.

“The Homes Tour is a wonderful way to recognize and honor our heritage town and the homes in which we live,” said Joan Williams, one of the directors of the Strasburg Heritage Association. “Much is to be learned and enjoyed by us sharing our living history.”

Alice Muellerweiss and her husband Kevin Watson have owned the Hopewell House since 2011. Muellerweiss said that they are excited to show off the house, which will be the second time they have showed the house on the tour.

“We absolutely love sharing this home with the community,” she said. “When we first bought it, we had people share with us that they had never been in this home and I thought this is part of the history of Strasburg and why not share it with everyone.”

Built in the early 20th century, the house was bought in 1915 by Dr. Harry Hopewell and his wife Rose Lee McInturff. The building served as Hopewell’s office and family residence. The home was previously owned by Robert and Kay Borden, who made extensive renovations and additions.

Muellerweiss said that she had been wanting to buy the house for a few years.

“I watched this house for two years while it was on the market,” she said. “I had never been in the home before. After watching it for two years, we kept seeing the price go down on this house. It was time for us to go in and look.”

Muellerweiss and Watson turned the Hopewell House into the Hopewell House Bike & Bed earlier this year. Muellerweiss said that they thought about turning the house into a bed and breakfast after she and Watson retired.

“We thought about what we were going to do with our time,” she said. “We’re still young and active. I thought of the idea of creating, not just a bed and breakfast, but a ‘bike and breakfast’ to really encourage people to come to this beautiful community and ride the same places we have.”

The layout of the Hopewell House Bike and Bed make up of the original living and dining rooms, the sunroom, porches, and patio as well as Dr. Hopewell’s former office and bath. The owners’ residence includes the enlarged family room and kitchen on the ground floor and a portion of the west side two-story addition. Three guest rooms upstairs are labeled by hand-painted plaques for each room, which are named after various kinds of cycling events. Muellerweiss and Watson renovated the 105-foot front porch after they purchased the house.

Muellerweiss said that the house is open for anyone to stay, even if they’re not in the area to ride bikes.

“We let folks stay who do not bike and we also have people who do not hike,” she said. “We also have conversations with all of our guests who do not exercise. We talk to them about the benefits of exercising.”

Tickets for the Strasburg Holiday Heritage Homes Tour will be $10. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day of the event at the Hotel Strasburg or Pot Town Organics.

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