STRASBURG — The town has received provisional environmental approval for its streetscape project, allowing it to move forward and hold a public hearing on the project, which is funded through a grant from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

That moves the town one step closer toward completing a project that will provide the town with new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, among other things aimed at revitalizing King Street.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that because the streetscape project involves land in Strasburg’s historic district and in some battlefield districts, the project needed to go through an environmental review. The environmental review would need to show that the project would have little to no environmental impact.

Pearson said that he believes the town received the provisional approval from VDOT on Tuesday.

“So now we’re cleared to advertise for a public hearing to the effect of what they’ve given us provisionally,” Pearson said.

He said that the town has submitted an advertisement for the public hearing, which is set for Feb. 12.

“We’re hoping to be ready to bid it as soon as that public hearing’s done, assuming we don’t get any comments regarding the project that we need to address as part of it,” Pearson said.

The town also needs to receive civil rights approval for the project in order to ask for bids, but Pearson said the town hopes to receive that in time to get the project out to bid shortly after the Feb. 12 public hearing.

The town is also moving closer to being able to complete its gateway trail project, which will create a sidewalk by the Strasburg Food Lion on Route 11. Like the streetscape project, the gateway trail project is funded through a grant from VDOT.

Pearson said during the Town Council meeting Tuesday that the town has received a stormwater easement that it needs in order to perform work that the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is requesting as part of the project.

The town has also submitted a permit to the Army Corps of Engineers showing that the gateway project would not impact any wetlands. The Army Corps of Engineers still needs to sign that in order for the town to proceed.

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