STRASBURG — Members of Strasburg’s Public Safety Committee briefly discussed whether or not they wanted to add 15-minute parking spots on King Street during their meeting on Thursday.

During Thursday’s discussion, Councilwoman Kim Bishop, who is not a member of the public safety committee but who has been involved in previous discussions about whether or not the town wants to add 15-minute parking spots, said that business owners had expressed concerns to her about people who were parking in front of their storefronts for long periods of time.

“It had originally come from three different store owners that were concerned about people parking in front of their businesses for more than the two hours that we had,” Bishop said.

After the business owners expressed their concerns, Bishop said, she looked into the potential for 15-minute parking spots in the town.

“I didn’t think doing something for one business owner was really the way the town should be doing things,” Bishop said. “So I talked to the (police) chief about it.”

During Thursday’s discussion, Strasburg Police Chief Wayne Sager suggested that if the town does add 15-minute parking spots on King Street, it should add them at the street corners.

“If you decide to do it on the corners or even at the alleyway so that it would be easy access, rather than being the middle and having to stop and parallel park,” Sager said.

Adding the parking spots could result in enforcement challenges for the town. Sager noted that Woodstock, which has 15-minute parking spots, actively enforces parking time limits.

“They do have a parking staff that is incorporating that a majority of the time,” Sager said. “We do not have that capability at this point.”

But the actual implementation of 15-minute parking spots is not going to occur soon, leaving a significant amount of time for the town to figure out logistics.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said the town will have 15-minute parking spaces addressed as a scope item in an updated parking study. That study, Pearson he, will not start until the town has finished making changes following its 2014 downtown parking study.

“There were five recommendations that came out of the old parking study that we’re still working through implementing all of those, with the last one being the wayfinding signage program,” Pearson said. “So once we’re done with that, then we’ll look at doing an updated study.”

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