STRASBURG – The Strasburg Architectural Review Board discussed proposed renovations to 208 W. Queen St., or the Sonner House, along with a number of sign applications during its meeting on Thursday.

Craig Ernst, the owner of 208 W. Queen St., applied to construct a porch roof on the side of a garage at the site and extend an eve on the side of the garage.

During Thursday’s discussion, members of the Architectural Review Board approved those proposed modifications, with members saying that would enhance the garage and noting that the garage was not part of the original historic structure.

“In this case, [the garage] is going to be enhanced by the work that is being proposed,” said Linda Wheeler, the vice chair of the board.

But James Massey, one of the board’s members, said that he wanted the board to review another part of the work Ernst intends to do on the property. Ernst plans to make repairs to the logs at Sonner House, and Massey said that because the work related to maintaining the historic nature of the property, the Architectural Review Board should have say over how the work was done.

“It looks like the owner has proposed a careful process to restore it, but I’m hard-pressed to understand that this board should not review the work to be done,” Massey said.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that the town did not initially intend to have that work reviewed by the Architectural Review Board because it was structural work that needed to be done as soon as possible.

Lee Pambid, the town’s planning and zoning administrator, also said during the meeting that the town’s unified development ordinance allows the proposed rennovations to be handled administratively.

But after Massey said that he wanted the board to review the log construction, Ernst and the Architectural Review Board agreed to meet at 1 p.m. Friday. In a phone interview following that meeting, Pearson said that the board was satisfied with Ernst’s approach and that Ernst would be able to begin construction.

The Architectural Review Board also approved four sign applications and agreed to allow for the demolition and rebuilding of a chimney at 209 W. Queen St. The applicant for the 209 W. Queen St. property intends to re-use many of the original bricks.

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