The Strasburg Town Council is set to have a work session on Monday to discuss whether or not it wants to adopt an automated water meter program.

Town Council previously held a meeting to talk about an automated meter program from Suez AMI and discussed in a closed session how that program would be financed. But unlike that discussion, this one will not focus on a particular product but will instead look broadly at the concept behind having an automated water meter program.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that town staff will provide a presentation to council members. The entire meeting will center on the water meter program, Pearson added.

Pearson said that an automated water program would save town staff time having to go to individual houses to manually check the houses’ water meters.

“There’s a couple different types of meter technology in our system right now,” Pearson said. “There’s some manual-read meters where staff has to go up and individually read them either with wands or open the top and read the numbers on the meter itself; we have some drive-by reads and some radio-read meters as well. This would consolidate them all into one more modern technology.”

Also, some of the town’s meters run slow; updated meters, Pearson said, would provide the town with more revenue because more of the town’s meters would be accurate.

Pearson said that he didn’t know when Town Council might eventually vote on a potential water meter program.

“We are going to essentially get a feeler for where [Town Council members] stand on pursuing a program like this,” Pearson said. “And once we feel like we have adequate support that we can move forward, we’ll look at what route to procurement we’ll want to go to find a partner to work with.”

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