Voter registration drives are underway in Shenandoah County public high schools.

Jacob French, 19, of Woodstock, organized voter registrations to counter the apathy he said he saw while in school.

He graduated from Central High School last year.

“The majority of my fellow students were not registered and are not still to this day,” French said.

When French would ask them why they were not registered, the students said they did not have time to register, despite the fact they could do so with a certified employee in the school library.

“It takes 10 seconds,” French said.

Taking matters into his own hands, French took a class and became certified to register people to vote.

He said he received permission from school administrators and high school principals to go into the schools, and he  reached out to both the local Democratic and Republican parties and asked for two members of each party to help him register people to vote.

French, with the help of the political parties and the local FFA, has already held a voter drive in Central High School, where he registered 26 students. 

“I would have been happy with one. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but its 26 more than before,” French said.

Each person who registered received free ice cream, he  said.

French will be conducting voter drives on Friday at Stonewall High School and on May 10 at Strasburg High School.

“I am hoping to register 20 from each school,” French said.

Free ice cream will again be offered.

French  attends Lord Fairfax Community College. He said he hopes to eventually follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Orrin French and practice law.

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