Shenandoah County’s Board of Supervisors rewarded Evan Vass for his governmental leadership during what was an often-challenging past year by giving the county administrator a pay raise last week.

Supervisors voted 4-0 (two members were absent) at their June 8 meeting to increase Vass’ salary by $7,500. Vass’ new salary of $139,500 became effective immediately.

The county administrator undergoes a performance evaluation each year, according to Vass, and supervisors met in closed session during last week’s meeting to perform that evaluation. Supervisors reconvened in open session, and District 4 Supervisor Karl Roulston made the motion to increase Vass’ annual compensation by $7,500. That motion was seconded by District 5 Supervisor Dennis Morris was passed by Roulston, Morris, Board of Supervisors Chairman Steve Baker (District 2) and Supervisor Tim Taylor (District 6).

District 1 Supervisor Josh Stephens was not present at the June 8 meeting, and District 3 Supervisor Brad Pollack left midway through the meeting and was not present for the closed session and subsequent vote.

After supervisors reconvened in open session, Roulston praised Vass and his staff for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic and for “keeping us on track with minimal staff.”

“I have never found his support to be lacking,” Roulston said of Vass. “He is always well-informed. He is always on the ball. He is always moving the county forward. He’s keeping us honest. It isn’t just about salary — I think we could do more to help with the county administration to actually accomplish more by adding some more resources, but I feel that his efforts toward Shenandoah County have been outstanding and I think he deserves every bit of this pay increase.”

The three other supervisors in attendance likewise praised Vass’ leadership, with Baker stating that Vass and his staff go “above and beyond” in their efforts to conduct county business.

Before last week, Vass had last received a salary increase in October 2019, he stated in an email to The Northern Virginia Daily on Friday. At that time, supervisors approved a $5,000 raise that increased Vass’ annual salary to $132,000 six months into his role as county administrator.

Vass, who had previously served as the town manager in New Market, worked as Shenandoah County’s assistant county administrator from March 2014 to April 1, 2019, when he was appointed to take over the county administrator position previously held by Mary Beth Price.

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