WOODSTOCK – Conservation organization Sustainability Matters will open its second art exhibit on Sunday at Muse Vineyards in Woodstock.

Titled “Oaks in Focus,” the exhibit will feature art based on the oak tree, which is Sustainability Matters’ “signature tree.”

“The oak represents biodiversity more than any other tree in the region,” said Sari Carp, of Sustainability Matters. “It’s an icon in our culture and has huge ecological importance.”

The exhibit will feature photos from photographer Will Thompson, as well as fiber and mixed-media exhibits from Eileen Doughty, Susan Feller, Andrea Finch and Lesley Riley.

“A lot of artists are inspired by nature and they became inspired to help Sustainability Matters,” Carp said, adding that it’s a wonderful way to educate people on nature and its beauty.

Trudi Van Dyke, the curator for the exhibit, teamed up with Sustainability Matters on an art show in March.

“Because of my interest in [Sustainability Matter’s] mission and my specialty is art, we started talking,” Van Dyke said.

Carp said that one of the big selling points for the exhibit will be the different artistic takes on the oak tree.

“There’s a lot of interest in our local trees,” she said. “This is a chance to see various types of art on the subject matter. ”

Van Dyke said that one of the reasons why the vineyard was chosen to host the exhibit was because of its location and that furniture in the vineyard were made by wood that was harvested locally.

“It kind of fits the theme of sustainability and going back to nature,” she said.

Carp said she hopes that the art exhibit will help people become more aware of the conservation work Sustainability Matters does.

“Because we’re a conservation organization, we hope people come away with preserving and becoming more involved in solving environmental issues,” Carp said. “We hope they become inspired and maybe do some art themselves.”

The exhibit will run throughout June and can be viewed at any time during the vineyard’s operating hours. Sustainability Matters will host an opening reception from 3-5 p.m. Sunday. The event will have free admission.

“We’re hoping we have a good turn-out,” Carp said.

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