STRASBURG — The site plan for a Taco Bell on Old Valley Pike recently received the green light from the town Planning Commission, expanding Strasburg’s fast food options.

The site for the 2,079-square-foot dine-in and drive-thru Taco Bell covers a little more than 1 acre at 33586 Old Valley Pike. This property formerly contained the Drummond Bros. Auto Sales used-car dealership, which reportedly closed at least six months ago.

Access to the new Taco Bell will be through the previously developed shared access that is currently used by Advance Auto Parts.

The Planning Commission approved the site plan for the new restaurant on Oct. 25. Various review agencies, such as the state departments of Transportation and Environmental Quality, later issued their recommended approval.

“I did full approval on the site plan yesterday,” Strasburg Planning and Zoning Administrator Brian Otis said on Tuesday. The applicant “still needs a development permit issued. Once that’s issued, we’ll find out the timeline for the new restaurant. I’m going to assume they’ll start construction in about three to four weeks.”

Richmond-based Sekiv Solution, LLC is the applicant, working on behalf of the project site’s Virginia Beach-based owner, WMD Real Estate Holding Co. IV, LLC.

According to town information, the applicant’s first version of the site plan did not include street-side trees required by the town’s Entrance Corridor Overlay. Also, the project’s stormwater facility initially was proposed to stand within the required 50-foot landscape buffer at the rear of the property for the residential district. Those items later were corrected by the applicant, Otis said.

Currently, Strasburg is home to three fast food eateries — a McDonald’s, a Burger King and an Arby’s — as well as about eight to 10 non-fast food restaurants, Otis said.

He noted that many local residents look forward to Taco Bell coming to town.

“Everybody has kind of commented that it’s nice to see that kind of growth come to the area,” Otis said.

Based on total 2021 U.S. sales and locations, Taco Bell is the fourth most popular fast food brand — after McDonald’s, Starbucks and Chick-fil-A — in America, according to a report last month by the personal finance service called The Ascent.

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