A Texas man who had an online relationship with a local girl who committed suicide in 2018 pleaded guilty on Wednesday to cyberstalking and threatening the girl’s family.

Adrian Raul O’Dell, 20, was charged with the stalking and threatening counts in October and was arrested in November at his home in Texas.

According to the Department of Justice news release, O’Dell used fake emails and identities to harass the girl’s family for at least a year between June 2018 and June 2019. The DOJ said O’Dell “took credit” for the girl’s suicide. The girl killed herself in May 2018.

The FBI tracked the Internet Protocol address of several accounts used to harass the girl’s family to O’Dell’s home in Texas, according to court documents.

According to O’Dell’s indictment, prosecutors wrote that O’Dell emailed the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in June 2018 saying he knew who drove the girl to kill herself. The indictment alleges he wrote that “Adrian” who “lived in Odessa, Texas,” had been the person to push the girl to kill herself after discussing depression and suicide with O’Dell previously.

After emailing the Sheriff’s Office, prosecutors allege that O’Dell also reached out to the girl’s family to tell them he was responsible for her killing herself.

In December 2018, O’Dell messaged the girl’s mother, threatening they would “be in a coffin” and she would “end up like [her] daughter.”

A week later, O’Dell messaged the girl’s sister, claiming he killed the girl. O’Dell was using a fake name at the time, according to court documents, and he referred to “Adrian,” inferring multiple people were involved in the girl’s death.

In January 2019, O’Dell was served with a protective order to prevent him from contacting the girl’s family.

Four months later, O’Dell began messaging members of the girl’s family again in May 2019 until June 9, 2019 — laughing about the girl’s death and threatening to “gun down” members of the girl’s family.

O’Dell was indicted on three counts of cyberstalking and two counts of interstate threats.

O’Dell pleaded guilty to two of the cyberstalking charges and one interstate threat charge on Tuesday.

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