FRONT ROYAL – Voter participation in the Board of Supervisors races Tuesday was up from the last election, as 6,677 votes were cast compared to 3,606 during the 2015 election for the same seats.

The result was that three candidates who have never held elected office — Walter Mabe, Delores Oates and Cheryl Cullers — will be attending the Board of Supervisors meeting in January as new board members.

In an unusual twist for Warren County, Oates was the lone candidate endorsed by the Warren County Republican Committee while Mabe and Cullers are independents.

In the Shenandoah District, Mabe garnered 1,293 votes, or 55.8 percent, compared to Tom Sayre’s 1,004 votes, or 43.3 percent. Write-in candidates received 19 votes, making a total of 2,316 votes cast. That compares to 1,415 votes cast during the 2015 election in which Sayre won.

Sayre was the lone incumbent seeking reelection as supervisors Dan Murray and Linda Glavis did not run.

In the North River District, Oates received 1,270 votes, or 61 percent while Shae Parker received 791, or 48 percent, and write-ins received 18 votes. There were 2,079 total votes, compared to 1,084 votes in 2015.

Cullers won the South River District with 974 votes or 42.6 percent. This is compared to the Warren County GOP-endorsed Robert Hupman’s 699 votes, or 30.6 percent, and independent Leslie Mathews’ 567 votes, or 25.7 percent. Write-in candidates received 22 votes. Total votes cast were 2,282 compared to 1,107 in 2015.

Oates said over the phone that she was ecstatic to see the results and she is looking forward to putting in the hard work necessary to get Warren County back on track.

Having a degree in government, Oates said she understands how government is supposed to operate and her goals include focusing on providing the necessary services citizens need and spending money wisely.

In her first 90 days in office, Oates said she would like to move the supervisors’ monthly 9 a.m. meeting to a more convenient time for citizens. Additionally, she said she hopes to establish a town hall for citizens to interact with supervisors during the first three months of her term.

She added that she looks forward to working with the Town Council and other entities to accomplish what is best for the community as a whole.

Regarding County Administrator Doug Stanley’s contract, which expires in June, Oates said she would like to “confer with my new slate of supervisors and discuss that” but “that is up for discussion.”

“As an individual supervisor, I have my own opinion...I think we need new vision in Warren County and I’ll leave it at that,” she said.

She added that “I think that we need to see what’s out there.”

Mabe did not return a phone call for comment.

A video posted on Facebook shows Mabe addressing a crowd at the Virginia Beer Museum after the election, where he said: “The people that helped me win it was you. Not anybody else, you voted me in and I thank you, every single one of you.”

“Now what I’ve got to do is perform for you. I want to listen, I want to be part of the change and I want to be part of every one of you. If I can hear you, I can help change things, and that’s what we’ve got to do. So, I can only say thank you,” he said.

This marked the first election since $21.3 million was allegedly stolen or misappropriated from the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority.

Some of the backlash supervisors have gotten as a result of the alleged embezzlement includes a recently filed petition in circuit court seeking their removal from office. About a week before the election, Judge Bruce D. Albertson opted not to suspend the sitting supervisors, noting that it could affect the election’s outcome. The next hearing related to the petition is Nov. 22.

Also, in uncontested elections: John Bell became the commonwealth’s attorney; Jamie Spiker became treasurer; Sherry Sours became commissioner of revenue; and Ira. B. Richards III and Richard Hoover were re-elected to the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District.


Shenandoah District

East Shenandoah: Sayre: 673; Mabe: 769; Write in: 13

West Shenandoah

Sayre: 290; Mabe: 449; Write in: 6

Absentee: Sayre: 41; Mabe: 75

North River District

North River: Oates: 491; Parker: 417; Write in: 7

Riverton: Oates: 737; Parker: 352; Write in: 10

Absentee: Oates: 42; Parker: 22

South River

South River: Hupman: 394; Cullers: 475; Mathews: 302; Write in: 17

Bentonville: Hupman: 169; Cullers: 237; Mathews: 137; Write in: 1

Browntown: Hupman: 113; Cullers: 208; Mathews: 123; Write in: 3

Absentee: Hupman: 23; Cullers: 54; Mathews: 25; Write in: 1

Clerk of Circuit Court

Fork Town: Jerome: 221; Moore: 224; Shanks: 280; Write in: 2

Otterburn: Jerome: 401; Moore: 577; Shanks: 455; Write in: 7

Happy Creek: Jerome: 390; Moore: 348; Shanks: 506; Write in: 8

Linden: Jerome: 273; Moore: 367; Shanks: 303; Write in: 5

North River: Jerome: 208; Moore: 410; Shanks: 291; Write in: 9

Riverton: Jerome: 349; Moore: 407; Shanks: 329; Write in: 2

East Shenandoah: Jerome: 181; Moore: 266; Shanks: 292; Write in: 1

South River: Jerome: 313; Moore: 450; Shanks: 444; Write in: 4

Bentonville: Jerome: 123; Moore: 199; Shanks: 202; Write in: none

Browntown: Jerome: 102; Moore: 148;Shanks: 177; Write in: 1

Absentee: Jerome: 95; Moore: 184; Shanks: 158; Write in: 1

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