It’s event season at the Shenandoah Caverns, and it begins Saturday, Sept. 25, with a wine tasting and magic show.

The Muse and Magic event will be held at the cavern’s Yellow Barn at 4 p.m. at 261 Caverns Road in Quicksburg.

The event will feature award-winning estate wines by Muse Winery along with food pairings prepared by a local chef. Guests will also be treated to a magic show by Alec “Sly” Negri of Sly’s Magic, based in Northern Virginia.

Tickets for the event are $75 per person and limited to those 21 years of age and older. Tickets can be purchased at or at Shenandoah Caverns.

“Last year, we were doing some different things at the caverns,” said the caverns owner Kathy Kelly. “We’ve been trying to do a couple more events, and we’re doing a really big push on Muse and Magic right now.”

In recent years, the caverns have been incorporating more events into the multiple spaces they have on site, including the caverns, the Yellow Barn and the American Celebration building.

It’s been a fun way to bring folks together, including some who maybe have never visited either of the spaces.

“We list ourselves as the Shenandoah Caverns family of attractions, but one of the biggest things we’ve been getting into in the last couple of years are these special events,” said Shenandoah Caverns General Manager Joe Proctor. “Our Yellow Barn is where we hold a lot of weddings, too. The events are a part of making money, but it’s also a way to bring the local community together. It’s something we want to use for the local community.”

Once folks have attended an event, they might get an idea to host their own event on the property, Proctor said.

“We’ve had a lot of people come to an event and then called back to book an event of their own here,” he said. “A lot of times these events that we hold will spur extra events.”

Some events have been the beginning to what could be a longstanding tradition, such as the American Fright Night at the American Celebration building, while others were born out of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to provide fun in a safe, open space.

“We want to give people something fun to do in a safe environment,” Kelly said. “We’re trying to keep our doors open, but we had a great summer and I want to keep the momentum going. We want to be somewhere fun for people to come and enjoy their time.”

The American Fright Night event, which consists of a haunted house nestled throughout some of the nation’s largest parade floats in the American Celebration building, begins in mid-October and runs through Halloween. It’s become a local favorite, Proctor said.

“It’s over 40,000 square feet, and it takes over 30 minutes to walk through,” he added. “It’s growing rapidly. We’re very excited about it.”

Last year was the best year they had for the event in its five-year history, even with limiting occupants during COVID.

Another wine pairing event, Uncorked, will be held Nov. 13. Guests can come and see many local and regional wineries and craft vendors all under one roof.

Learn more about special events at Shenandoah Caverns at special-events.

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