MIDDLETOWN — After Mike Good crossed paths with a French-trained chef and began to learn how wine and food paired together, he knew he had to share that knowledge with others.

His journey led him to open Timeless Wines, a primarily online business that has a retail shop at 8043 Main St. in Middletown.

Wine from about 13 different countries is available in the shop. It also has around 30 to 60 Virginia wines in stock for those looking for local options.

Outside of local sales, Timeless Wines ships wine all over the country.

The venture is a result of a trip that Good was invited on by associates of that French chef, most notably a man named Fran Kysela, who is known as having “one of the finest palates” and being one of the top “selectors of top wine,” according to the story on the Timeless Wines website.

The trip was referred to as “The Death March,” where the group would spend two weeks trying 560 wines. Good said the trip wasn’t a vacation — it was predominately business, with a heckuva lot of learning.

But that trip further inspired Good to travel more and to open up his own palate. And it caused him to step away from the Information Technology and construction fields to take on the wine industry.

Good said the travel has been the most inspirational part of the journey.

“The whole point of the business was to be able to travel and learn about the cultures,” he said. “Wine isn’t just wine — it’s a summation of everything that’s gone on in the culture in these areas for hundreds of years. It’s the people, the food, it’s all related to them. Bringing their wine here helps you to learn about over there. And it helps to sell it when you know a lot about it.”

Timeless Wines sells both red and white wine, rose, sake and champagne and sparkling products. It also sells cheese and other gourmet items.

All of those products, Good said, could be suitable as a holiday gift or something you could bring to a gathering.

“Wine kind of goes with everything,” he said. “It’s an easy gift, and we can always make suggestions for people for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

For more information, call Timeless Wines at 800-417-7821 or visit the website at timelesswines.com.

— Contact Matt Welch at mwelch@winchesterstar.com

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