Storms and rumors of storms are stirring along the Gulf Coast. While a potential severe storm is brewing, it is too early for meteorologists to be confident in predicting anything.

Kyle Pallozzi, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Sterling, said Northern Shenandoah Valley residents could see any number of weather conditions.

“If it pans out, we could be looking at a major storm,” Pallozzi said. “Right now, pretty much anything is on the table.”

The potential is enough to attract the attention of local residents, but Weather Service models are projecting a wide range of possible situations. One model, Pallozzi said, showed zero precipitation coming through the county while others forecast “a lot” of snow.

“It’s definitely not a sure thing right now,” he said. “There’s a remarkable amount of uncertainty to what track the storm will take.”

Sunday night’s fog advisory was unrelated to this particular storm, Pallozzi said. The end of the weekend’s cold front wiped out the fog and local residents shouldn’t expect any more this week.

With plenty of variables still in play, Pallozzi said any winter weather conditions could start as early as Friday, but will most likely begin on Saturday evening.

If a storm makes its way through the region this weekend, it will be snowfall as opposed to the sleet and freezing rain that the season’s first cold snap brought.

Pallozzi said the Weather Service will have a general idea of which track the storm is going to take three or four days ahead of it.

Depending on the storm’s severity, a number of Christmas festivities are in danger of being disrupted.

Strasburg moved its annual parade from Saturday afternoon to Sunday, opting to postpone a full week rather than compete with the Front Royal and Middletown parades on Sunday.

A bevy of live nativities could see their shows interrupted if the worst predictions come true. The Front Royal Oratorio Society’s Celestial Celebration and Merrimint in Middletown are two other events scheduled for this weekend.

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