Shenandoah County residents will cast ballots in the following town elections on Tuesday:


Strasburg Mayor, Richard Orndorff Jr. is running for reelection after fighting off a citizen petition attempting to oust him from office months before his term expired. Orndorff is running in the only contested mayoral election in the county.

Looking to unseat Orndorff are Ray N. Lough, Donald M. LeVine and Brandy Hawkins Boies.

Strasburg’s competitive race for Town Council seats will shake up the current council makeup. None of the four council members whose term expires in June is seeking reelection.

Robert “Bob” Baker, Doreen Pauley Ricard, Paul M. Weaver, Christie A. Monahan and Dane M. Hooser are competing for the open seats.

Mount Jackson

Mount Jackson Mayor Donald Pifer is running unopposed for mayor.

Pifer took over for former Mayor Bucky Miller on July 1 after Miller stepped down. This election is for the final two years of Miller’s four-year term.

There are four candidates running for three seats on the Mount Jackson Town Council.

Dennis Andrick, Al Asbury, Whitney Miller and Rod Shepherd are running for the three seats. Andrick, Miller and Shepherd are incumbents.

Andrick will be running for his third term. He is also a member of the Mount Jackson Planning Commission.

Asbury has run before for Town Council and mayor but has not won an election.

Miller was on the Mount Jackson Planning Commission from January 2011 to June 2014. She was on the Town Council from 2014-2018 but lost the 2018 election by one vote. However, when Pifer became mayor in July 2019 she was asked to take over his seat.

Shepherd is running for his eighth term and is the finance chair on the Town Council.

New Market

New Market will have a new mayor after Tuesday’s election, with councilman Larry Bompiani running unopposed for the position held for the last eight years by Douglas Bradley.

Bradley will continue to serve the town as a councilman and is joined by incumbent Scott Wymer and newcomer Bob King, who is on the town’s Planning Commission, in running unopposed for three open seats on Town Council.

Council members Peter Hughes and Tim Palmer are not seeking reelection.

Bompiani’s rise to mayor will leave a fourth open seat on Town Council. Both Bompiani and Bradley said the council will appoint a new member when Bompiani’s mayoral term begins in July.


James Baird, Bill Boone and Stephen Van Stee are running for three seats on the Edinburg Town Council.

Boone and Van Stee are incumbents. Baird is seeking his first term on the Town Council. Clyde Beachy decided not to run for reelection.

Van Stee is seeking his second term on the Town Council. He is also the Edinburg Planning Commission chairman.


Incumbents Michael Funkhouser, Alicia Gutshall and Jacqueline Lambert are seeking reelection for Town Council while newcomer Michael Yew is challenging for one of the three open seats.

Funkhouser, Gutshall and Lambert each are pursuing their fourth full term on the council.

Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

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