The Town of Strasburg has signed a one-year contract extension with American Disposal Services to continue trash and recycling services through June 30, 2020.

During that time, the company may assign the contract to another service provider, Town Manager Wyatt Pearson told Town Council members in an email last week.

“[T]hey will inform us of that if and when the time comes,” Pearson wrote.

In the meantime, Pearson said, a user group that includes four Shenandoah County towns and Stephens City will be “working to revise and issue a new request for proposals for trash and recycling services that could be effective for a new service provider on July 1, 2020.”

The user group initially organized with Strasburg, Woodstock, Mount Jackson and New Market, he told the Daily, but now also includes Stephens City.

With Strasburg’s service contract about to start on July 1, Pearson said he expects the other towns will be signing their own one-year contracts this month.

“We’re going to include them into the next request for proposals,” he said. “Right now we’re planning on putting out a joint RFP going into this next [fiscal] year.”

Pearson said the temporary renewal of contract happened after American Disposal Services informed the town that it might not be able to renew the contract for an entire year. The company has decided to remain with the town for now, “but also stated that they may be looking to assign the contract to another provider throughout that time period.”

He said most trash disposal contracts have a provision for the assignment to another provider, but that if another company takes over service during the coming year, it “would continue the same agreed-upon contract through June 30, 2020.”

The town’s contract through American Disposal Services accepts commingled recyclables and transports them to its own facility, Pearson said. Recycling services are also available at county convenience sites.

Pearson said the town will issue any upcoming RFPs, “so companies can respond with how they will meet the needs of the locality issuing the RFP.”

Once receiving proposals from companies, he said, “our staff would review and select a provider and then council would typically approve a contract."

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