WOODSTOCK — Shenandoah County authorities have accused three Harrisonburg men of abducting and assaulting a man and then leading law enforcement officers on a pursuit Wednesday morning.

The three men charged in the incident — Edwin Antonio Bonilla Claros, Jeremy Sauly Villalobos Calix and Carlos Alberto Bonilla Claros — appeared in Shenandoah County General District Court via video conference from the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail on Friday.

Judge Amy B. Tisinger addressed each defendant separately. Shenandoah County Commonwealth’s Attorney Amanda McDonald Wiseley prosecuted the cases. Tisinger scheduled each defendant to appear in court on Nov. 14.

Authorities charged Villalobos Calix, 22, of 1187 S. High St., with abduction; preventing a person from contacting 911; assault by mob; assault with a deadly weapon; and possession of a firearm with a controlled substance.

Villalobos Calix said he wanted a bond for his release but Tisinger advised him that at his first court appearance she would address only the matters of appointing an attorney and setting the next court date.

“Please do; I wanna get out of here,” Villalobos Calix said.

Tisinger appointed Charles S. Ramsey to represent Villalobos Calix.

Edwin Bonilla Claros, 24, of 391 Franklin Road, is charged with felony eluding law enforcement, reckless driving; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; possession of more than one ounce, but less than five pounds of marijuana with the intent to distribute; driving without a license; abduction; preventing a person from contacting 911; assault by a mob, possession of a firearm with a controlled substance; and assault and battery.

Attorney Scott Hansen appeared in court and advised Tisinger that Edwin Bonilla Claros had retained him as his counsel.

Authorities charged Carlos Alberto Bonilla Claros, 23, of 391 Franklin Road, with preventing a person from contacting 911. Tisinger set his bond at $2,500 on several conditions including that he have no contact with Brayan Fuentes Sosa, the alleged victim in the assault.

Corp. J. Cook, with the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office, was dispatched to George’s Chicken, 19992 Senedo Road, for a report of brandishing a firearm, the officer states in a criminal complaint filed in the court with the arrest warrants for Edwin Antonio Bonilla Claros. Cook located and tried to stop the vehicle suspected of being involved in the reported incident, the complaint states. The driver failed to stop, the complaint states.

“The vehicle continued on, traveling down several different roads running several stop signs, exceeding the speed limit several times, and also running off the road several times,” Cook states.

The driver stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road in the area of Harmony Lane and Senedo Road and two passengers exited the vehicle and fled on the foot, the complaint states. The driver then traveled east on Senedo Road and into the Woodstock town limits. Woodstock police put out spike strips that punctured three of the vehicle’s four tires, Cook states.

The driver continued to travel east and ran through two red lights before stopping on South Water Street, the complaint states. Officers took the driver, identified as Edwin Antonio Bonilla Claros, into custody, Cook states. Edwin Antonio Bonilla Claros refused to give identifying information to officers who smelled an odor of alcohol coming from him, Cook states. Officers saw empty alcohol containers in the vehicle. They searched the vehicle in an attempt to locate a firearm and found, in the truck, a book bag containing a large amount of a leafy, plant-like material, packaged in three sandwich-sized zip lock bags, two mason jars, and one 2-gallon vacuum-sealed bag half-full of the material, according to the complaint.

While Cook searched the vehicle, authorities found one of the passengers who fled, identified as Jeremy Villalobos Calix, in the area of Stoneburner Road and Rocco Road, the complaint states. Officers searched Villalobos Calix and found a Glock 40-caliber firearm, the complaint states.

Cook goes on to state that a sheriff’s deputy obtained a written statement from Brayan Fuentes Sosa, the victim in the alleged brandishing incident. Cook states that Fuentes Sosa told the deputy that three men — Villalobos Calix, Edwin Antonio Bonilla Claros and a man he identified as “Walter” — came to his house “where they told him to get into the car or they would kill him and his brother.”

Fuentes Sosa told the deputy that before they got into the car the men threw him to the ground and began to kick and punch him, the complaint states. Fuentes Sosa said the men then got him into the car, took his cell phone and told him if he called the police, they would kill him and his brother, the complaint states.

“They told him they wanted to help them kill someone,” the complaint states. “While he was in the car, he stated a gun was held to his head and he was told not to move.”

Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. D.H. Green found Carlos Bonilla Claros shortly before 5 a.m. in the break room at George’s Chicken, a separate criminal complaint in the defendant’s case states. Carlos Bonilla Claros “verbally admitted to taking the victim's phone and being in the vehicle,” the complaint states.

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