The Woodstock Police Department has arrested two people on charges of auto theft and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

Police Chief Eric Reiley said that Katherine Wenger, 27, of Woodstock, and William Thomas Montley Jr. were charged after they allegedly entered a Woodstock home, stole car keys and a car.

On Nov. 29, the Front Royal Police Department stopped Montley and arrested him on grand larceny charges. Wenger was in the car at the time, Reiley said.

Through a subsequent investigation, Reiley said, police linked Wenger to the crime as well.

“During a subsequent interview, [Wenger] did admit to being involved in the auto larceny,” Reiley said.

Prosecutors in Warren County later dropped Montley’s grand larceny charges in January. Reiley said that was so both Montley’s and Wenger’s cases could be processed in Shenandoah County.

According to a criminal complaint in Wenger’s case, Wenger conspired with Montley to enter a Woodstock house to steal car keys from the house and to steal a 2008 Honda Accord.

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