FRONT ROYAL – State police chased a Herndon woman through Warren County on Friday evening, witnessing her hit multiple police vehicles and push a dog out of her car while she was driving, according to court documents.

The documents show state police received reports that Jennifer Arnn, 39, hit a guardrail in West Virginia before they stopped her at a gas station on Stickley Drive and Fairfax Pike in Stephens City. According to documents, a state trooper spoke with Arnn and determined that she was “undisputedly” under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Documents show that Arnn told police she was on medication. During the stop at the gas station, police wrote that Arnn said she decided she didn’t want to “stick around” anymore and attempted to drive away, opening and closing the door while trying to get her keys and eventually hitting a trooper with her open door as she backed away.

Police chased Arnn to Interstate 66 and recorded her weaving in and out of traffic, reaching speeds of 100 mph, court documents show. Police reported that Arnn almost wrecked her car multiple times during the chase and did hit more than one police vehicle.

After one of the troopers passed Arnn, he wrote that he saw her pushing a dog out of her window. She was tugging and pushing on the dog’s collar, the trooper wrote, before eventually pushing the dog out of the window. Court documents show the trooper estimated the dog hit the interstate at 30-40 mph.  A news release from state police on Wednesday states the dog died of its injuries.

Shortly after she pushed the dog out of the window, documents show, police stopped Arnn and found that her blood alcohol content was .300.

Arnn appeared in Warren County General District Court on Tuesday morning where she applied for a court-appointed attorney. She is being held without bond at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren County Regional Jail.

Arnn faces three felony counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer, one count of felony torturing an animal and one felony count of reckless driving.

Editor's note: This story has been updated following receipt Wednesday morning of a news release from the Virginia State Police. The release notes that Arnn is from Herndon (court notes show that she was from Pasadena, Maryland).  It also states that the dog that was pushed out of the car window died of its injuries. 

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