The Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center in Winchester offers massage services to members and community guests.

Many people use massages as a way to relax while others use them to help deal with stress and bodily aches.

The Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center offers various types of massage therapy at its location in Winchester, from Swedish and deep tissue to hot stone and reflexology. The sessions last from 30 to 120 minutes.

“Some people need maintenance once a month, and this type of therapy helps,” said Kathy Conneway, a licensed massage therapist with Valley Health Wellness and Fitness. “It helps get rid of daily stress.”

Conneway said that massages do more for people than just making the aches and pains go away.

“Massages can help with getting rid of the seasonal blues that come this time of the year,” she said. “We’ve also found that they help people sleep better.”

Conneway said they see an increase in massage sessions during the holiday season.

“We see a lot of geriatric patients this time of the year if they don’t go down south to Florida or some other warm state,” she said.

Massages are open for members of the Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center and community guests.

Contact Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center at 540-536-3000 for an appointment.   The center is located at 401 Campus Blvd., Winchester.

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