STRASBURG — The holidays are approaching, and at a recent work session Town Council members discussed ways to pack the town’s calendar with more events.

“Winter is coming,” said Vice Mayor Scott Terndrup.

Though his words earned laughs from those who recognized the allusion to the HBO show “Game of Thrones,” Terndrup followed up his stoic prediction with regret that previous talk of adding winter and holiday events to the 2019 calendar had not resulted in any changes.

Terndrup referenced four main events to build on — Mayfest, Fourth of July, a fall event and the Chamber’s annual Christmas parade — but said in spite of the town’s efforts to add or continue a number of events throughout the year, including last weekend’s Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Festival, he felt there had been many missed opportunities this year.

Noticing that the calendar offered little in the way of holiday programming, he asked the council to entertain ideas for adding more events in the coming weeks.

Top of the order: Stephen Strasburg Celebration Day — a chance for the town to celebrate the Major League pitcher’s efforts in helping the Washington Nationals secure its first-ever World Series win on Oct. 30, while also capitalizing on the fact that he (Strasburg) and the town (Strasburg) share the same name.

Quoting the ballplayer, Terndrup said that “amazing things happen” when people decide to try. “All of a sudden, the barriers disappear,” Terndrup said.

“I feel we as a town share that commitment if we believe it as well,” he said.

He suggested holding the event in the week leading up to the Chamber’s parade, which is scheduled for Dec. 7. The hope is that the ball player will visit the valley in honor of the event.

Calling it a cute idea, Councilwoman Emily Reynolds said she was interested in hearing more.

“[It’s] a little excitement and a little fun,” she said.

Other events on deck are a Christmas tree ceremony as well as events that reach out to the faith-based community.

“We’re supposed to be neutral to religion,” Terndrup said, “not antagonistic.”

Also at the meeting, Mayor Richard Orndorff Jr. spoke on the town’s banner program, an attempt to follow up on a suggestion by Councilwoman Taralyn Nicholson to honor local veterans with banners as Edinburg does.

Orndorff suggested the town partner with the American Legion on the banners as Edinburg partners with the Veterans of Foreign War.

Other suggestions included asking community members or organizations to sponsor the flags, storing them and loaning them to the town to use around Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Nicholson expects the flags to cost about $95 each.

Attending the work session were council members Kim Bishop, Ken Cherrix, John Massoud, Taralyn Nicholson, Barbara Plitt, Emily Reynolds, Jocelyn Vena and Vice Mayor Scott Terndrup, as well as Mayor Richard Orndorff Jr.

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