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Elaine Gibson, left center, and her husband, Nevin, right center, stand with friends and neighbors following their virtual ribbon cutting for their business, Renewed Living, with the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber on Thursday.

WINCHESTER — From the time she was first diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001, Elaine Gibson said she knew a traditional treatment method wouldn’t be the route for her.

So, the first time around she went to Mexico for a treatment plan. Her cancer went into remission quickly. But when she was diagnosed with Stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2008, she took matters even more into her own hands.

Gibson devised a healthy lifestyle plan that eventually put her cancer back into remission. She’s since been certified as a raw food educator and chef, and turned what she’s learned into Renewed Living, the business that she owns with her husband Nevin.

Renewed Living’s mission is to take everything that the Gibsons learned during Elaine’s battle with cancer and pass it on and teach it to others.

“I went on a journey to find a path I could take,” Elaine Gibson said. “I beat it without traditional protocols, and I realized we were very committed to sharing what we’d learned.”

The Gibsons recently moved to the Northern Shenandoah Valley from Springfield, and on Thursday the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber of Commerce helped the couple celebrate moving to the area, joining the chamber and relocating Renewed Living with the chamber’s first virtual ribbon cutting.

The Gibsons were joined in their home by a few neighbors and were presented a plaque from the chamber after cutting the ribbon.

The business doesn’t have a brick and mortar storefront. Instead, it’s operated through and out of their home at Trilogy at Lake Frederick. Interested customers can contact the Gibsons there and set up consultations and then workshops to begin their journey.

Elaine, 75, specializes in the lifestyle aspect of the company — food, self-care and things people do on a daily basis. Nevin, 76, specializes in indoor environments and design.

“We work very diligently at our age,” Elaine said. “It feels like we should retire, but we keep going because we have this commitment to helping everybody.”

On their website, the Gibsons blog and provide tips to exploring a healthy and vital lifestyle. The site also provides a path to the company’s store, where one can find things like permacharts, healthy drinking water, fresh indoor air, shower heads, essential oils, diet plans, and more.

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