The Warren County Board of Supervisors gave the green light on Tuesday for a large storage facility to open in the U.S. 340-522 corridor.

Supervisors approved the following three, conditional-use permits as requested by 9700 Court LLC: for an enclosed storage facility; for the storage of cars, boats and recreational vehicles; and for a building in excess of 50,000 square feet. The permits would allow the developer to move forward on plans for its Winchester Road property.

Chairwoman Cheryl L. Cullers, Vice Chairman Archie A. Fox and supervisors Walter J. Mabe and Delores R. Oates voted in favor of motions approving the permits. Supervisor Tony F. Carter did not attend the meeting.

The board held public hearings on each of the permit applications. No one spoke at the hearings on the permits for an enclosed storage facility and for a building in excess of 50,000 square feet. Scott Stickley, an engineer with Greenway Engineering, spoke to the board at the hearing on the vehicle storage permit. Greenway represents the applicant on the project. Stickley said the plans currently call for the building to shield most of the vehicles stored outside to the rear of the property.

Planning Director Joe Petty explained the first phase of the applicant’s plans includes a 3-level, 63,000-square-foot building with a 21,000-square-foot footprint. The building would provide 48,050 square feet of rentable space, Petty said. The second phase would consist of a two-level building with the same footprint and 32,000 square feet of rentable space. The second phase would be constructed in the future based on market demands, Petty said.

The property lies in the county’s highway overlay district, which includes design requirements for facades and prohibits the storage of certain vehicles outside without screening. Petty told supervisors that the first building would set the precedent for how other structures appear on the property. Other permits address construction materials and appearance of the building, Petty said.

Earlier this year, supervisors approved changes to a rezoning proffer associated with the property to allow the storage of certain vehicles on the property. Supervisors also approved a width reduction of a right-of-way on the property.

Also at the meeting, supervisors voted to:

• Approve separate conditional-use permits for private-use, non-commercial camping on properties in the Mandalay subdivision as requested by Chad and Charleen Backstrom, Shawn M. Tsanganelias, James Humphrey and Randall Lewis and Monica Stover. No one spoke at the public hearings held on each permit.

• Approve a festival permit for the Appaloosa Festival scheduled for Aug. 13-15 at the Warren County Fairgrounds.

• Endorse the Northwestern Community Services Board performance contract for fiscal year 2022.

• Approve the job description and classification for the director of technology position with a salary of $85,001-$129,339.

• Approve a request to reclassify and regrade the deputy finance director position to increase the salary range from $63,426-$96,510 to $66,607-$101,350 to reflect job market changes.

• Approve a request by the Department of Fire and Rescue Services to buy three ambulances at a total price of $744,605 with the cost covered in the budget.

• Approve a request by the Department of Parks and Recreation for the replacement of the coping and bowl tile at the skatepark pool.

• Approve a clarification of the employee compensation plan for fiscal year 2022.

• Approve the Phase One Memorandum of Understanding authorizing further investigations and applications for financial assistance in efforts to expand broadband coverage. The county has been invited to participate in a regional broadband effort with Virginia Electric and Power Company, All Points Broadband Partners LLC, Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative and other local governments.

• Approve a contract with Timothy S. Stowe and Stowe Engineering PLC on an as-needed, hourly basis for utility consulting services.

• Adopt a resolution seeking a waiver from the Department of Elections for the Nov. 2 election for the following split precincts: Fork Town, Happy Creek, Town-West Shenandoah and South River. The county must request a waiver if a precinct does not contain at least 100 voters and cannot split precincts to meet the minimum requirement. Delays in the U.S. Census process held up redistricting efforts. The state is granting waivers for split precincts.

• Adopt a resolution and statement of intent for the county to participate in the Certified Crime Prevention Community Certification Program.

• Approve the request to extend a conditional-use permit for two years the county granted to William and Sandra Long to operated a commercial repair garage in conjunction with a single-family dwelling at 4167 Rockland Road.

• Approve and authorize the county administrator to execute the lease of the Raymond E. Santmyers Youth Center facility for use by the Warren County School Board Elements Program for the term of Aug. 10 to June 8, 2022.

• Appoint County Administrator Edwin Daley to the Lord Fairfax Community College Board for a four-year term.

• Appoint Jerry Stollings as the Department of Juvenile Justice representative on the Community Policy and Management Team, with no term limit.

• Extend contracts with Pond Law Group and TACS for the collection of delinquent real estate taxes.

• Extend contracts with B&B Excavation, Carroll Construction Company and H&W Construction.

• Extend contracts with LaBella Associates, D.C.P., P.C. for Warren County Solid Waste Management.

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