FRONT ROYAL – Members of the Warren County Coalition held an open meeting on Saturday to discuss the process of recalling certain members of the Front Royal Town Council and Warren County Board of Supervisors.

This meeting comes as more citizens of Front Royal and Warren County grow frustrated over the findings of the ongoing investigation of the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority and the feeling their elected officials aren’t representing them in local issues.

Recalling an official is a procedure where voters can remove certain elected officials before their term is up. The process includes a petition to be signed by citizens who want the elected officials out of office.

“The endgame with the recall is to get out the people who are making these decisions, which are affecting us,” said Bonnie Gabbert, a member of the coalition.

Gabbert listed the development of over 1,000 homes and shops by Crooked Run West LLC,  which would require the Town of Front Royal to provide water to the development - and rising electric rates as some of the issues that have left the Warren County Coalition and citizens of Warren County feeling ignored.

“We’re just tired of it,” she said.

Gabbert said that the coalition doesn’t want to replace all members of the Town Council or Board of Supervisors but they want to remove the officials they feel aren’t doing right by the citizens of Front Royal and Warren County.

Many of the citizens who attended the meeting wanted to remain anonymous. They agreed that the coalition should begin looking into the recall process and Gabbert said that it would do so.

“We’re not saying we’re going to do it, but we’re going to research it,” she said. “We’re looking into it.”

Gabbert said that the next meeting will involve making a list of complaints and demands from citizens to be given to the Town Council and Board of Supervisors. She said that the the next meeting will include a discussion about which officials citizens want recalled.

“We want citizens to put out there what they want changed,” she said. “We want them to let the Town Council and Board of Supervisors to know how to best represent them.”

With fewer than 20 people showing up at Saturday’s meeting, Gabbert said that she hopes more people come to the next meeting.

“It’s an important topic,” she said. “We are trying to represent everybody in the town and their voices need to be heard. They need to have input. They need to come to these meetings so they can be informed and hear what’s going on.”

Gabbert said the next meeting date has yet to be set. She said the date will be up on the Warren County Coalition’s Facebook page - - when it’s announced.

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