One seat in November is wide open for grabs as the race for South River Warren County School Board race doesn’t have a single participant as of Tuesday’s filing deadline.

Carol Tobin, the general registrar and director of elections, said that a no-horse race isn’t common but it has happened before.

The School Board seat Donna McEathron holds will be contested via a write-in campaign.

“It’s very unusual but that does happen,” Tobin said. “There may be people that want to do it that way when they want to run so they don’t have to collect the signatures.”

Regardless of whether a candidate is running a traditional campaign or a write-in campaign, he or she will still be subject to campaign finance laws, Tobin said. Anyone spending money on influencing the outcome of an election is subject to those laws, she said.

Outside of those finance laws however, candidates — party affiliated or not — are free to work to get themselves or others elected.

“It would be good to know they’re doing it so we would know who is doing a write in campaign,” she said.

Prospective Warren County candidates filed their intent to run in elections in November on Tuesday and are awaiting certification from the registrar. Filings were due this week but most candidates filed weeks or months in advance.

Potential candidates will not appear on the ballot in November until the registrar certifies them. Some candidates have withdrawn from their respective races and will not appear on the ballot regardless of certification.

Candidates have until Aug. 16 to file to run in the special election for mayor of Front Royal.

The following is a list of those who filed to run in the fall elections. Party affiliation of some candidates was not available Friday.

Commonwealth’s attorney

• Bryan Layton, incumbent, Front Royal; John Bell, Republican, Front Royal.

Layton filed to run for the commonwealth’s attorney position on March 12 as a Republican but lost the primary battle with Bell in April. Layton announced on Monday that he will not be running against Bell as an independent in November’s election.

Commissioner of the revenue

• Sherry Sours, Front Royal.


• Jamie Spiker, Front Royal.


• Jason Poe, Republican, Strasburg.

• Jorge Amselle, Democrat, Front Royal.

• Mark Butler, independent, Front Royal.

• M. L. “Mickey” Licklider, independent, Front Royal.

County supervisor

North River District

• Delores Oates, independent, Middletown.

• N. Shae Parker, independent, Front Royal.

• Melanie Salins, independent, Middletown.

Salins filed to run for the North River District supervisor position last month but does not plan to run in November because other candidates have stepped in to run, she wrote in an email to the Northern Virginia Daily this week.

Shenandoah District

• Thomas Sayre, Republican, incumbent, Front Royal

• Walter Mabe, Front Royal.

South River District

• Robert Hupman, Bentonville

• Cheryl Cullers, independent, Bentonville.

• Leslie Mathews, independent, Bentonville.

School Board

North River

• Arnold Williams Jr., incumbent, independent, Middletown.


• Ralph Rinaldi, independent, Front Royal.

Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District Director

• Ira Richards III, Linden.

• Richard Hoover, Republican, Front Royal.

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