Chairwoman Dr. Kristen Pence and board members Antoinette Funk, Andrea Lo and Melania Salins voted in favor of accepting Superintendent Christopher Ballenger's recommendation to hire Vincent Gregg as the next director/principal of the Blue Ridge Technical Center. Member Ralph Rinaldi did not attend the meeting.

Gregg serves as the Warren County High School assistant principal. Gregg started working for Warren County Public Schools in 2008 as a social studies teacher at Skyline High School. Gregg joined the school’s administration team as dean of students in 2011 and served in that position until two years ago when he took over as Warren County High School assistant principal.

Gregg’s wife, Stephanie, works as an English as a Second Language teacher at Leslie Fox Keyser and E. Wilson Morrison elementary schools. The Gregg’s 9-year-old daughter, Aubrey, is in the third grade. Gregg’s family members sat in the audience.

“Vince has been in both of our high schools and as you know Blue Ridge Tech brings both those high schools together,” Ballenger said. “Mr. Gregg has shown outstanding leadership qualities within our division and it is my pleasure to introduce him, or to request the board to appoint him to the Blue Ridge Tech director/principal starting July 1 of 2023.”

Gregg takes over for the center’s Director of Career and Technical Education Jane Baker who retires July 31. Ballenger noted that Gregg and Baker will work together during that month of overlap.

Gregg thanked the board for their vote.

“I’d just like to say that I feel like the luckiest guy in the school system tonight,” Gregg said, reading from a statement. “I’ve admired the good work done by the staff of the Blue Ridge Tech center and all of our CTE (career and technical education) teachers for the last 15 years.

“I think we all go into this line of work in order to help kids and help set them on the right path in life, to show them a viable path to honest employment and the happiness that follows hard work and a plan for the future,” Gregg said. “I don’t think there’s a group of people who do this better than our career and technical teachers, and I’m humbled and beyond excited to join their team.”

Gregg went on to say: “I truly believe the work they do with the students of Warren County Public Schools saves lives, showing young people a path that they can walk to prosperity and the pride of hard work done well.”

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