Warren County Public Schools saw an overall increase in its on-time graduation rate, according to the Virginia Department of Education.

The report, released this week, said that the on-time graduation rate for the school division is 94.5%, up from 93.8% in 2018. The state average is 91.5%, down from 91.6% last year.

The on-time graduation rate shows the percentage of students who have earned their diploma within four years of entering high school. According to the Virginia Department of Education, the percentage is determined by longitudinal student-level data and account for student mobility and retention and promotion pattern.

Warren County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Melody Sheppard said she was pleased with the increase.

“This is the third year in a row our graduation rates have increased,” she said. “This increase is a direct reflection of the continued academic focus of the students and staff at Skyline and Warren County High Schools.”

A breakdown of the graduation rate shows that 95.1% of male students will graduate on-time - up from 92.2% in 2018, while 94% of female students will graduate on-time, down from 95.5% in 2018.

The district also saw a decrease in African-American and Hispanic rates, with 96.2% and 82.1% respectively expected to graduate on-time. The numbers for those categories in 2018 were 100% and 96.6% respectively.

“We are pleased with our progress, but our goal is for all of our students to graduate on-time,” Sheppard said.

The Virginia Department of Education’s report also revealed that 50.5% of the class of 2019 in Warren County will graduate with an advanced diploma, while 44.1% of the students will earn a standard diploma.

To earn an advanced diploma, a student must earn at least 26 standard units of credit and five verified units of credit. Students earn standard credits by successfully completing required and elective courses. Students earn verified credits by successfully completing required courses and passing associated end-of-course SOL tests or other assessments approved by the state Board of Education.

The state averages for students earning advanced and standard diplomas are 51.5% and 40% respectively.

To see the full report, visit http://schoolquality.virginia.gov/divisions/warren-county-public-schools#desktopTabs-4.

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