About 1,700 voters in Warren and Shenandoah counties participated in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

In Warren County, 563 votes, or 63.71%, were cast for former Gov. Terry R. McAuliffe, who won the statewide contest. He’ll face Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin on Nov. 2.

Second place went to Jennifer D. Carroll Foy, with 169 votes, or 19.2%, followed by Jennifer L.McClellan with 81 votes, or 9.2%, Lee J. Carter with 36 votes, or 4.09%, and Lt. Gov. Justin E. Fairfax with 31 votes or 3.52%.

In Shenandoah County, voters followed a similar pattern with McAuliffe receiving 716 votes, or 68.71%. In second place was Foy with 151 votes, or 14.49%, followed by McClellan with 11 votes, or 10.65%, Carter with 40 votes, or 3.84%, and Fairfax with 24 votes, or 2.3%.

In Warren County, for the lieutenant governor’s race, a majority of voters chose the statewide winner Hala S. Ayala, who received 284 votes, or 33.41%. She’ll face Republican nominee Winsome Sears, a former state delegate who now lives in Frederick County.

S. “Sam” Rasoul came in second place, with 205 votes or 24.12%, followed by Mark H. Levine with 146 votes, or 17.18%, Andria P. McClellan with 90 votes, or 10.59%, Sean A. Perryman with 60 votes, or 7.06%, Elizabeth R. Guzman with 38 votes, or 4.47%, and Xavier JaMar Warren, with 27 votes, or 3.18%.

Voters in Shenandoah County broke from the statewide results in the lieutenant governor’s race choosing Rasoul as their top choice. Rasoul received 364 votes, or 36.18%, followed by Ayala with 294 votes, or 29.22%, Levine with 147 votes, or 14.61%, McClellan with 84 votes, or 8.35%, Perryman with 54 votes, or 5.37%, Guzman with 39 votes, or 3.88%, and Warren with 24 votes, or 2.39%.

In the attorney general’s race, most Warren County voters selected current Attorney General Mark R. Herring over Jerrauld C. “Jay” Jones. In Warren, Herring received 585 votes, or 68.02%, while Jones received 275 votes, or 31.98%.

In Shenandoah County, the votes tallied in similar fashion, with Herring receiving 688 votes, or 73.35%, and Jones receiving 250 votes, or 26.65%. Herring will face Republican nominee Jason Miyares, a state delegate from Virginia Beach, on Nov. 2.

No Democratic primaries were held for the House of Delegates or state Senate seats in Warren or Shenandoah counties.

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