One problem facing some pet owners is how to dispose of animal waste around their homes.

While many residents live in wooded areas where they can just dispose of animal feces, others who live in communities or in a town have a more challenging time of disposing animal waste.

Gloria Puffenberger, the solid waste manager in Frederick County, said there places in the county, including Winchester and Middletown, where residents can drop off animal waste.

“The county citizens’ convenience sites take a limited amount of soiled cat litter and dog waste when mixed with trash and bagged, but large amounts such as when scooping yards can be a real odor problem,” she said.

Puffenberger said that such waste loads are sent to the landfill located in Winchester since containers there are serviced more often and the odor from animal waste isn’t much of a concern. She suggested that dog owners look into composting waste right in their backyards and that cat and dog waste should never be added to existing compost piles.

Patrick Felling, who serves as the solid waste manager in Shenandoah County, said that the landfill in Winchester does accept pet waste from businesses and local residents and at the trash collection convenience sites located throughout the county from residents only.

“Residential waste can be disposed of free of charge, but businesses are charged,” he said.

Felling said that when residents bring pet waste to site compactors, the waste is bagged because of the risk of animal waste being compacted in places and ways that can be unpleasant for other visitors and staff.

“Unfortunately, we have had a number of occasions when buckets of unbagged cat waste was dumped directly into the hopper at our convenience sites, which led to the waste being spread all over the equipment. It was not an attractive or fragrant scene,” he said.

Felling said that the landfill in Shenandoah County does accept deceased farm animals for a price, but they don’t accept farm manure because of how valuable it is.

For more information on where residents can dispose of pet feces or other animal waste, contact the the Frederick County landfill at 540-665-5658 or the Shenandoah County landfill at 540-984-8573.

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