Two Warren County School Board seats were decided on Tuesday.

According to unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections, Arnold Williams Jr., 53, of Middletown, won his second term to the North River District seat on the Warren County School Board with 96.76% of the total votes. Williams secured 1,732 votes, while 58 votes - 3.24% - came from write-in campaigns.

Williams, a retired business owner in Warren County, ran unopposed in the race.

“I’m glad the election is over,” he said. “I want to congratulate Ralph [Rinaldi] on his seat. I look forward to the next four years.”

Williams’ strongest area was Riverton, where he got 924 votes - 97.78% of the total votes, while he took 754 votes in North River - 95.56% of the vote. Fifty-four of Williams’ total votes came from absentee voters.

Ralph Rinaldi, of Front Royal, won the Shenandoah District seat on the School Board with 1,840 votes - 96.08% of the total votes - with 3.92% of the total vote - 75 votes - coming from write-in campaigns.

Rinaldi, who has served on the Warren County Planning Commission since 2014, ran unopposed for the seat that is held by Douglas Rosen. Rosen did not seek reelection for the School Board seat.

“I’m looking forward to serving as the Shenandoah District school board member,” Rinaldi said. “Working as a team member within the school board and school community is a commitment I will take very seriously. Teacher retention will be a major priority. A great school system will benefit Warren County in many ways.”

Rinaldi’s strongest area was East Shenandoah, where he got 1,159 votes - 96.26% of the total vote, while he took 592 votes in West Shenandoah - 95.48% of the total vote. Eighty-nine of Rinaldi’s total votes came from absentee voters.

The South River District race, in which Kristen Pence and David Downes, both of Front Royal, were vying for the seat there, was determined by write-in votes. The unofficial total number of votes recorded in the South River District was 1,166. The Warren County Registrar’s office was not able to announce a winner on Wednesday due to the many votes that needed to be counted. There was no timeline given on when a winner would be announced.


School Board (North River District):

North River:

Arnold M. Williams, Jr. (I) - 754 votes

Write-In - 35 votes


Arnold M. Williams, Jr. (I) - 924 votes

Write-in - 21 votes

School Board (Shenandoah District):

East Shenandoah:

Ralph Rinaldi (I) - 1,159 votes

Write-in - 45 votes

West Shenandoah:

Ralph Rinaldi (I) - 592 votes

Write-in - 28

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