Woodstar Events

Javier Wong and his mother Mary Ferreira stand outside the family's newly opened events venue, Woodstar Events, located at 766 S. Main St. in Woodstock on Tuesday.

WOODSTOCK — Javier Wong said he understands the importance of working toward something as well as providing a service to his community.

So, he’s decided to kill two birds with one stone with Woodstar Events, a new events center he and his family opened at 766 S. Main St. in Woodstock.

The event center, which can host anything from weddings to family game nights, could likely one day be a larger restaurant to serve as an extension to his family’s restaurant next door, Mary’s Botanitas.

“We wanted to have a full-size restaurant, and we looked at this place right next to us,” Wong said following a ribbon cutting with the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. “The initial investment for a restaurant is very high, so my sister had the idea of making this place a venue while we wait to get enough money to make a full-size restaurant.”

Wong’s mother, Mary Ferreira, owns and cooks at the restaurant next door, and Wong and his sister, Jessica, will continue to help with both businesses.

The space will allow for 150 people, Wong said, and he can provide tables and chairs as well as decorations and catering.

“We want people to have a nice, open space so they can celebrate their special occasions,” Wong said.

Wong said they will host family game nights open to the public from 5-7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a way to allow the community to enjoy the space. It’s a way, too, to help young minds develop, he said.

“People can come here and play with their kids and friends with board games, puzzles and different activities,” he said. “It’s a way to socialize on a more real level than playing video games or something like that. We want people to socialize. Playing board games helps kids develop their problem-solving skills. I play a lot of board games with my nephews, and it’s a very positive thing for them.”

Wong and his family moved to the Woodstock area in 2001. He said his grandfather worked picking apples and in chicken factories in the area. Ever since 2001, Wong said his family has been working hard to keep the family business strong and to grow it.

“We love Woodstock. We definitely enjoy how nice the people are here. We want to stay here,” he said. “A lot of people think working with family makes things complicated, but we’ve grown up together and we just know what to do to get things done.”

If you’re interested in booking the space, Woodstar Events can be found on Facebook and Google. Those interested can also call 540-481-5628.

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