Woodstock’s Economic Development Authority awarded $10,000 through the town’s facade rehabilitation grant program for work to be done at the future new law offices of attorney Brad Pollack.

Pollack, who is also a member of the Board of Supervisors, applied for $14,250 through the grant program – almost 52% for a project that included a total eligible cost of $27,600 – to help fund work to be done at the property located at 440 N. Main St. in Woodstock.

Though EDA members voted 5-0 on Thursday to approve $10,000 for the project, there was some disagreement about whether a proposed circular pebble stone driveway qualified for facade grant funding. Lemuel Hancock, Woodstock’s urban designer and neighborhood planner, noted during the meeting that while parking areas are excluded from the grant program, the town’s Facade RENEW Committee felt the question of the driveway’s eligibility was best answered by the EDA.

Facade rehabilitation grant guidelines cap EDA funding for projects at 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $10,000, though the EDA has the authority to exceed those limits and has done so in the past. Fifty percent funding of eligible costs for Pollack’s proposal with the driveway included would’ve totaled $13,800, while 50% of the project with the driveway excluded equaled $9,800.

Members of the EDA, which approved a facade grant totaling $18,934 for Sugar Creek Snowy & Sweet Co. ice cream shop along Main Street earlier this fiscal year, expressed interest in meeting in the near future to review application guidelines.

Pollack’s proposal earned a project score of 3.6 by the Facade RENEW Committee, making it eligible for maximum grant funding. The rehabilitation work, which will be done by Magnate LLC, will include new window shutters, painting of the portico to match the trim with the shutters, the installation of two driveway entrance features with wrought iron fencing and paneled posts with solar-powered lamp posts and landscaping in addition to the driveway.

EDA members David Hutton (chairman), Phyllis Fleming, Charles Hepner, Jessica MacDonald and Travis Cooper attended Thursday’s meeting, while Vice Chairman Michael Funk and Zach Hottel were absent.

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