Woodstock’s Town Council approved a rezoning request for a portion of two parcels of land totaling 9,317 square feet along South Commerce Street during a special meeting Monday night, an action that will make it easier for the owner to make improvements to the property.

Murdock Snarr, on behalf of Valley Builders Supply Co. LLC, made the rezoning request for parts of neighboring parcels at 150 and 154 S. Commerce St., which were industrially zoned and subject to tighter setback requirements included in the I-1 district. The approved rezoning request transitions the portion of the two parcels to the B-1 central business district.

Town documents state that prior to the rezoning, the property — which is located adjacent to the Norfolk Southern railroad right-of-way and is bordered by properties zoned I-1 to the north and south and by B-1 parcels to the east — was “inconsistent with existing uses in the area” and that Woodstock’s comprehensive plan for the area “suggests increased commercial development and residential growth.”

The building located at the shared border of the two properties, which town documents note is being used as a storage facility, did not meet the setback requirements for the I-1 district, and the rezoning allows Snarr to meet such requirements in the B-1 district. The rezoning, town documents state, would allow for “continued use of the building as it sits and future improvements could be made within the property parcel without violating zoning setback requirements.”

Town Council members voted unanimously to approve the rezoning. A second reading for the rezoning ordinance was greenlighted by council prior to its vote of approval.

Also on Monday, council voted for a second time to amend the fiscal year 2021 budget to reflect the $12,103 in state funds that Woodstock received as part of a law enforcement assistance grant. Town Council voted unanimously on the same budget amendment at its regular monthly meeting earlier this month but Town Manager Aaron Grisdale noted on Monday that a clerical error necessitated that council vote on the amendment again.

Council members A. Paje Cross, Michael Funkhouser, Alicia Gutshall, Frank Haun, Stephen Heishman and Jacqueline Lambert and Mayor Jeremy McCleary attended Monday’s meeting.

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