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Coaches teach beginners and challenge veterans to push their training to the next level in every class at Devil’s Backbone Fitness.

Giving the gift of fitness this holiday season can help jump-start those New Year’s resolutions.

Holiday meals, time off from work and visiting family can create a sluggish start to the new year but gyms such as Devil’s Backbone Fitness in Strasburg have a solution and the deals to help keep the momentum moving all year long.

Tammy Esterly, the owner of Devil’s Backbone, said she started doing CrossFit six years ago. She said she wasn’t sure if she was fit enough to start and doesn’t want anyone to have that same fear when they begin their fitness journey.

“One of the misconceptions is you have to be fit — ‘I have to be fit to go into that type of fitness,’” Esterly said. “No, we are where you want to start.”

Unlike other gyms, Esterly said Devil’s Backbone is an all-inclusive space that trades unlimited access to unlimited classes and resources. Esterly keeps her gym open seven days a week but limits the time to morning and evening classes conducted by certified coaches who are on hand to guide beginners and challenge veterans.

“What makes us unique is it is a group of like-minded people coming in at our scheduled class times and working out together,” she said.

Building a community within the gym is what helps most people create a habit of working out. Knowing that the gym buddy lifting weights and running next to you every day is going to notice if you aren’t there for a month is a motivator to keep going when the going gets tough, she said.

Walking into a gym can be a scary experience, Esterly said, because most people who want to get in shape haven’t ever been taught what the machines are for or how to use them. Rather than letting newcomers flounder and slip through the cracks, Devil’s Backbone guides small classes through workouts every day, shaping each workout to fit the needs of each member, all without paying extra for a personal trainer.

“You don’t have to add on to your package. You don't pay anything extra if you want a private coach,” she said. “That’s all part of your membership with our gym and the type of fitness we offer.”

While gift certificates and free trials are available year-round, starting on Black Friday, Esterly said she is throwing in a bonus month for anyone who buys two months' worth of classes. That deal is good for anyone who walks through the door, cash in hand, or for someone who has a gift certificate they want to redeem for two months.

Devil’s Backbone Fitness offers three levels of membership, all with the same access but with different levels of commitment.

Month-to-month memberships don’t have any contract and cost $125 a month, Esterly said. For someone who knows they want to start the year off right, a six-month contract will cost $115 a month and a 12-month contract will knock the price down to $105 a month.

Working off that turkey dinner can start with two trial classes, Esterly said.

“Anybody who might want to gift themselves the gift of fitness over the holidays; if they’re not sure what we offer and what makes us a different structure than other gyms. I strongly suggest they take advantage of those trial classes,” Esterly said. “You have nothing to lose.”

Devil’s Backbone Fitness is located at 105 Stony Pointe Way, Suite 120, Strasburg; 484- 332-0307.

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