MIDDLETOWN – Peed & Bortz LLC likely will be contracted to continue helping the town with its wastewater treatment plant.

The repairs to the plant are estimated to cost $4.8 million. The Virginia Municipal League approved a loan funding the project.

A public hearing will be held before the March 9 Town Council meeting. The contract is expected to be approved after that hearing.

It was Peed & Bortz LLC that worked on the preliminary engineering report on Middletown’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. The firm now will begin with design work on the plant repairs, said Town Manager Rebecca Layman.

The submitted proposed plan would remove the bio-wheels and replace them with a modern system as well as construct a new, larger basin for increased capacity.

This option provides the highest potential for increased treatment performance and future capacity increase.

The plant’s bio-wheels are at significant risk of failing, requiring repairs often, said Public Works Superintendent Les Morefield on Monday.

Town employees have been able so far to make repairs that allowed the failed bio-wheel to be used.

The bio-wheels are large rotating drums where attached microorganisms are grown to consume pollutants and treat wastewater. They work as the main biological treatment portion of the overall treatment plan of the plant.

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