STRASBURG — Strasburg’s Board of Zoning Appeals voted on Wednesday to deny an appeal that argued that former Planning and Zoning Administrator John Settle improperly denied zoning permits for two single-family homes near Stonewall Street.

In Wednesday’s Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that Settle denied the application for the permits because the two lots are not adjacent to a street.

Pearson added that the town staff repeatedly pointed the applicant, Terry King, toward submitting a site plan application through the Planning Commission.

“We had also explained on multiple circumstances that if the applicant would just apply for a site plan through the Planning Commission, that would allow for us to explore alternative means of access,” Pearson said.

But King has declined to apply for a site plan, arguing that an alley alongside the two lots counts as a street for the purposes of the town’s rules and regulations. Pearson said that the town disagrees, citing another portion of the town’s ordinance.

“From our perspective, that kind of invalidates that argument,” Pearson said.

At one point during the meeting, the Board of Zoning Appeals asked King again if he would be willing to apply for a site plan. Jerry King, who is set to receive one of the lots, declined.

“Those lots, when we bought them, we thought the lots are already to build on,” Jerry King said. “I had no idea we had to go through this process.”

The Board of Zoning Appeals decision leaves Terry King with the option of appealing the decision to the Shenandoah County Circuit Court.

The Board of Zoning Appeals also voted unanimously to grant a variance application to Kevin Wymer, allowing Wymer to reduce the front yard set-back at a vacant lot on Junction Road that Wymer owns.

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