What a truly extraordinary chief executive we have.

The approaching mid-term election, the publication of an expose of the Trump administration by Bob Woodward, our most respected political reporter, which in a few days old over a million copies, along with the publicity hurricane surrounding the Supreme Court vacancy give politics epidemic attention.

We have learned a group of top officials in the White House, Trump folks all, have conspired to halt actions readied by the president that they believe would damage or even destroy the United States. None know Donald Trump more thoroughly – or therefore fear him more. The motivation for what they’ve done is that the president simply doesn’t know what he’s doing. These conservatives are late in the game. On Election Day 2016, most voters were way ahead of them. Millions more made their mark for his opponent than did for Trump.

The conclusions of the White House conspirators that their unfit chief’s decisions exposed the United States to lethal peril is a unique event in our history. Various shortcomings in a leader lead to this problem – subject ignorance (tariffs, North Korea, U.S. government for example), primalcy of self-promotion, chronic lying, immorality, instability. While we must laud the courage of these insiders, they are surely vulnerable to immediate dismissal and were readily duped originally. May more effective and more traditional means be found to at least relive if not remove the unprecedented danger posed by an unfit president? Yes, it’s called an election.

The so-called “mid-term” contest is coming up in November. All the seats in the House and many in the Senate are at stake. Thus, the majority in each body could change from Republican to Democratic. News reports suggest that a Democratic surge is building in response to the broad rejection of Donald Trump. Some call it a Blue Wave.

The times and the facts tell us that wall is a more appropriate label for this event. Walls are not impermeable but do an effective job in carrying out their objective. This approach would have a democratic source with the voters and would be implemented by the House and Senate. So it is more consistent with our government structure than a handful of unelected employees in the White House. And it is not necessarily partisan. The White House coup illustrates that its basis is patriotic and pro-American and does not wholly reflect principles of either political party.

Mexico certainly will not pay for this wall, any more than it would have paid for Trump’s childish fantasy. But Russia might come up with some dough if it thought it would help its favorite U.S. politician. But what we call this election pales in significance to what its potential is to do for the nation.

Since each American has vital interest in the success of this wall, let each American voter add a figurative brick by voting locally.

The GOP candidate for the 6th Virginia District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is Ben Cline. The seat is being vacated by the retirement of Representative Bob Goodlatte. Cline is a veteran member of the State House of Delegates, a respected individual and strong conservative. Cline states that his primary campaign theme is support of President Trump. How easily he has shucked the model of character and stature so proudly honored by Washington & Lee University in Cline’s Rockbridge County. He has exchanged it for the reputation of an immoral pol whose nature is portrayed by his successful effort to ensure large sums of hush money were paid to his mistresses on the eve of the 2016 election – and he lied about it.

The Democratic candidate for this seat is Jennifer Lewis. Among her many contributions to her Waynesboro community are as an elected member to the local Soil & Water Board, and sharing knowledge gained during her youth on a dairy farm. Lewis has also been surprisingly successful in leading a challenge to the long domination of Virginia matters by the great utilities that by the use of their wealth and weapons such as eminent domain have often damaged natural resources and put down small folks who have resisted.

We all too often argue that the immediately pending election is the most important one in our time. Don’t miss the opportunity given the voters if they find, by hindsight, this one truly bears that banner.

Bob Lowerre is a retired attorney living in Strasburg