When will this madness end? First we have the person in Las Vegas killing 58 human beings, next we have the one in Texas killing 26. And from all I have read/heard, neither of these killers knew all the people they killed. They just for some reason wanted to kill. But in both of these cases we have heard very little of value from the commander in chief, Donald Trump. But then, when somebody who practiced the Islamic faith kills some innocents, he rises up in righteous, racist, indignation. Very sad.

I would ask Trump this: since Timothy McVey was Irish, would you propose banning all Irish from entering the U.S.?  I don’t think so, they are white.
And will Trump do anything about gun control? Not on your Nelly.
Let me be clear in this regard. I have owned weapons for over 40 years. Things like a lever action 22 caliber rifle, a 12-gauge double barreled shotgun, a bolt action rifle in 308 Winchester and a revolver. I never saw any need to own anything like an AR-15 or similar automatic weapon. And I do not see any need for any other individual to own such weapons.
Now before anybody gets their NRA shorts in a bind, consider this. The right to keep and bare arms goes back to the late 18th century. And what were those arms that the Founding Fathers wanted you to have the right to keep? Muzzle-loading flintlock rifles and pistols. And I would also surmise, a sword. They had no concept of the weapons  available in the 21st century!
I don’t advocate taking away everyone’s guns outright. That would be exceedingly difficult to accomplish. What I advocate is the policy in use in Germany. Weapons must be kept locked up and the police can come in at any time to check to see the law is being followed. If weapons are not locked up, you lose the weapons. Also, I cannot see any value in any person owning automatic weapons. Are they going to hunt deer with an AR-15? Put it on automatic and you will be eating venison burger, not steak or roast.
Yet, I do remember what happened after the end of the World War II. My uncles came home with a lot of war souvenir pistols. But officialdom said that they had to be turned in and plugged with lead in order to keep them. I was at my grandmother’s when my uncles dumped their hoard on the table. I can still remember getting the web of skin between thumb and forefinger caught in the breech of a Luger when I pulled the trigger. Even an unloaded weapon can be dangerous.
Last, but by all means not least, ask yourself this. Why does the NRA have a coniption anytime someone talks about gun control? Methinks the answer to that is the large amount of do-re-mi dollars that the firearms industry gives to the NRA to catterwaul anytime a citizen says gun control.
Bob Brookfield is a resident of Wardensville, West Virginia