Commentary: This is not your father’s Republican Party

Roy Mullins

So much has been written about Donald Trump that at this point I feel a lot of people are starting to become numb to it all. His scandals, questionable business dealings, accusations of sexual assault, as well as what could possibly be deemed treasonous activities at some point in the very-near future, are all common knowledge and have been well documented.

While I feel that each person should take every opportunity to continue to apply a serious amount of pressure on Mr. Trump, I wanted to take a moment to look a little deeper. I want to take a peek behind the curtain at the individuals beyond Trump’s small band of core supporters who are ultimately responsible for putting our nation in this predicament in the first place, the Republican Party.

As a young man I always tended to vote Republican. I supported both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush based mostly on their positions regarding national defense as well as their tough stance against Russia. We may have had differences, as you end up having with most politicians at some point, but the one thing I never doubted was their love for our country and their willingness to protect it and their citizens from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Somewhere between “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!” and the Trump train crashing violently into the White House the Republicans have ceased to be the devoted protectors of freedom that we once knew them to be. Their acceptance not only of all things “Trump” but the unspoken recognition of Russian interference in our government and their willingness to turn a blind eye to the fact that our very own president may be compromised by the Russians has reached a boiling point.

Consider Benghazi, the insurgent attack on our embassy in Libya, and the Republican Party that rabidly insisted that Hillary Clinton was to blame. They began a two year, $7 million investigation paid for by the American people that ultimately revealed nothing. It was the most wasteful investigation in history.

Now consider Trump and all of the scandals and questions surrounding his presidency and the fact that the Republicans are consistently turning a blind eye to all of the evidence that is currently presenting itself. Where is their indignation now? They question the intelligence community, mercilessly attack the free press and oppose the creation of any kind of special investigating committee.

They sit silently as Trump moves to abolish the Department of Education, take health insurance from millions, defund Planned Parenthood and criminalize abortion. They turn a blind eye as he attempts to build his wall, tries to ban all Muslims from the promise our nation offers, cuts Social Security and Medicaid as well as offering lower taxes on the 1 percent. With all of these destructive policies it almost feels as if Trump and the Republicans are at war with the American people!

As “Battered Citizen Syndrome” sets in the one question we need to be asking ourselves, short of millions of citizens storming the gates of the White House, is where do we go from here? Who are we to turn to when the people we elected to preserve and protect us are the ones that we now need protection from?

The answer is not an easy one and it will require much hard work on the part of Democrats but there is light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel. The answer to all of these questions is to get active and stay active. If you are not registered to vote then get registered… and vote. Push your elected officials to hold hearings, show your support for impeachment and force them to do what is right. You can attend town hall meetings, visit your congressional offices or join your local Democratic organization.

The one inevitability that Republicans can’t deny is the replacement of older generations with newer, more liberal ones. The younger age group’s hands will eventually shape this nation according to their values and principles. They will return this country to what it was always meant to be, a beacon of hope to the entire world. Stand strong friends, as Republicans lose their grip Trump and his “movement” is sure to fade away and the values of the left will ultimately triumph. The only questions left to answer are how much blood will be shed and how many Republicans will go to prison before we get there.

Roy Mullins is a freelance writer and a resident of Front Royal.