It seems burglars are spending their summer breaking into churches and taking what doesn’t belong to them.

Last Saturday, two Frederick County churches in the Stephens City area were broken into. A few days earlier, police said a thief or thieves entered another Valley Pike church and a business, and those break-ins may be related to those that had occurred on Saturday.

But it doesn’t stop there. Someone then broke into a John Marshall Highway church in the Strasburg area and took three computers – coincidence, or was it linked to the rash of other burglaries in Frederick County?

Until these sneaky thieves in the night are nabbed, congregations, businesses and residents should be on guard and report anything suspicious to police.

We are confident the thieves will be sitting in a jail cell soon. They will make mistakes, or someone will spot them. Then they can spend the rest of their summer paying for their crime spree.