There are degrees of shock. Reading about a fight at a local high school is not as shocking as seeing it on video, and that is not as shocking as seeing the violence unfold right in front of you.

We viewed three videos of two separate brawls involving several students at Strasburg High School this month. The brawls – one involved several girls in a gym and the other boys in a crowded hallway – were captured on cellphones and shared online.

The violence seen in the videos is appalling. At one point in the hallway skirmish video, a woman is shown falling to the floor while students were punching and shoving each other above her.

The videos don’t tell all of the story about why these brawls occurred. School officials would only say that both stemmed from something that had happened over the summer. Now the police are involved, and those found guilty should be punished by the school division as well as by the judicial system.

All students in the division need to be aware of what happened at Strasburg High School and follow what happens to the students involved. The lessons learned from these incidents should be that there is zero tolerance for violence at school, and there are consequences for this kind of behavior.