It must be the season for scams.  Some area residents have reported receiving calls – live or automated – from the “Internal Revenue Service.” The caller will tell you that you are in trouble with the IRS and will give you a number to call.   If you receive such a call or one similar,  just hang up the phone.  It’s a scam.

Last week a woman told Virginia State Police that she sent $2,000 in gift cards to someone claiming to be from the IRS.  It was a scam.

Fredericksburg police reported recently that a 72-year-old resident there sent a caller $12,000. It was a scam.

If you think you do owe the IRS money for back taxes or penalties, call that agency and check on your status. Don’t send your money to anyone without a thorough investigation.

These scammers are going to say things that will make you think they know all about you. There are a lot of smooth talkers out there who want to con you out of your money.  Don’t let them intimidate you. Hang up the phone.