The Shenandoah County School Board is in the process of changing attendance boundary lines in an effort to balance attendance and alleviate overcrowding in some schools.  Public meetings on the subject have been held and the board has asked for feedback at meetings and in an online survey.

In addition to making boundary changes, the board is considering some attendance exceptions. One in particular that should be continued is allowing teachers to enroll their children in the same school campus where those teachers work.

Most teachers don’t work 40-hour weeks – they put in many more hours on the job and from home, but don’t see any extra pay.  They spend their own money on materials needed in their classrooms, and they have to deal with stresses that some of us could not fathom handling in one day let alone every day of the school year.

Teachers are licensed professionals, and there is a great demand for them.  Higher paying school divisions are luring teachers away from the Northern Shenandoah Valley, and this is a worrisome problem.  Anything that local school divisions can do to keep and attract new teachers should be a priority.